Welcome to Kalm Community. We are a local community service with a long term ambition to provide support, kindness and fun around Tamworth and the surrounding local areas. We are passionate about ensuring that everyone has access to our services. 

We provide a number of services which include:

Happy Kids Huddle

Fun and engaging mindfulness based classes to support children and young people with their emotional well-being and development.

Man with Down Syndrome Playing Violin

Adult learning disability social group sessions which encourage friendship and inclusivity through fun activities and crafts.


Adult relaxation and meditation classes which allow adults to take some time out, to rest, relax and recharge in a safe, community environment.

We have lots of ideas for bringing our community together, to increase positivity, spread the word of mindfulness and sprinkle a little kindness around Tamworth.

If you know of any areas of the community that may benefit from our services, please feel free to contact us via kalmcommunity@gmail.com or our Facebook group Kalm Community.

Kalm Community - Together We Make A Difference.

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