About Us.

Bringing together our skills, knowledge and heartfelt desire to support, we originally created classes to encourage children and young people to switch off, relax and live a more mindful life. Our main aim is to support children and young people's emotional well being and to provide tools to encourage emotional resilience whilst recognising the pressures of modern society. We use various mindfulness based CBT techniques, emotional literacy tools and fun learning crafts and activities in our sessions. 


Deb Ball 

I have always been passionate about children and young people's mental health. Driven by the desire to help and support, I began volunteering as a counsellor for Childline Birmingham, taking calls and online chats from children and young people, offering emotional advice and support. This enabled me to see the emotional worries facing children and young people on a daily basis. To increase my knowledge and skill set, I have studied Level 2 Understanding Children and Young Persons Mental Health, Level 2 Understanding Mental Health Problems, Level 2 Safeguarding and Prevent and have received diplomas in Children's Mindfulness and Understanding Autism.


Jill Williams 

I have worked in care and support settings for the past 15 years, working closely with people of all ages providing pastoral, emotional and physical support. In addition to working in care homes and providing 1 to 1 support for individuals, including those with physical and learning disabilities, I have used my own time to expand into alternative therapies, becoming qualified in Angelic Reiki and as a Reiki Master. I have worked with both adults and children, including those in foster care to deliver meditations, healing and support to develop tools to help with mental well-being. I have received diplomas in Children's Mindfulness, Mindfulness Based CBT and Understanding Autism.

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