Kalm Community Confidentiality Policy.

All sessions with Kalm Community are confidential , therefore we may not always be able to share everything children and young people say to us in our sessions, however we do encourage and support children and young people to share relevant and important information with parents or trusted adults. We feel this is very important in order for children/young people to feel free to explore any big emotions and/or negative feelings that may be troubling them. Your child may wish to share with others what they have been doing but this is their choice. Kalm Community staff can report back to parents/carers how their child is progressing and whether they are engaging with the sessions, but they will not share specific details.



Kalm Community will share any information without a child or parent’s permission if we are worried about their safety, or someone else’s safety. When we need to share information in order to safeguard a child, we will always try and discuss with the child and where safe, the parent the reasons for passing this information on and what will happen next. We collect and keep information about all of our work with children and young people in our secure database. This information is stored safely and protected and we would never share it without a child’s and, where safe, an adult’s permission unless it was to safeguard them.

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