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There are a number of ways to practice mindfulness. One in particular is called Grounding. This technique is a useful tool in bringing awareness and focus back to the present, calming down emotions and stabilising breathing. It is useful for easing anxiety and helping to manage panic attacks. 

5-4-3-2-1 Grounding Technique.

This technique uses all five senses to help to get back to the present. Start by taking a deep breath, then focus on the following:

 * 5 things you can see

️ * 4 things you can touch

 * 3 things you can hear

 * 2 things you can smell

 * 1 thing you can taste


Mindful Breathing.

This is really great tool to use when anxiety kicks in. When anxious feelings start, breathing becomes quicker and more shallow and the body begins to panic because there's not enough oxygen. This causes dizziness, shakiness and more panic. Breathing slower and deeper eases the sense of panic and allows oxygen to flow easier. Start by breathing deeply down into the stomach, then put a hand there (just above the navel) and breathe so that the hand gets pushed up and down. Imagine a balloon in the stomach, inflating when breathing in and deflating when breathing out.

Carry a grounding object.

Hold onto an object and really bring full focus to it. Feel how heavy or light it is, what the texture feels like, is it smooth or rough. This can be done with any object, a stone or crystal or something with personal meaning, to bring comfort. This exercise helps especially in a stressful situation, the object can be put into a pocket or purse and carried around to bring focus and support.

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